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10 Questions I would ask a wedding photographer before booking!

1, What does the wedding package include. Do you get to keep the edited digital pictures and are they included in the package price? How many images will you get with your package and what resolution will they be? The resolution is very important, you should ask for at least 4 megabytes jpeg size files, as a minimum. 

2, Are there any restrictions in sharing your wedding images on social media or with family and friends? Will the pictures be watermarked with the photographers name on? Can you print them out yourself or use a photographic lab of your choice?

3, Ask to see a complete wedding from start to finish? Every photographer will show you a great portfolio of work but are they really legitimate wedding pictures or a wedding photo-shoot with models. Ask to see more than one wedding album showing a full wedding. Make sure you look at some reviews posted by other wedding couples!

4, How long will you wait before seeing your wedding pictures? Is it stipulated in a contract how long your images will take to process? How will you receive your wedding images on a USB stick or computer download?

5, Does your photographer allow wedding guests to take pictures even if the pictures have been set up by the photographer?

6, Ask how long they have been a photographer for and how many years they have been photographing weddings? Are they a full time photographer or part time?

7, Ask what happens if the photographer is sick? Do they have a backup photographer who could shoot the wedding if your photographer was sick on the day? 

8, Ask the photographer how many memory cards his cameras use? Are your images saved onto separate memory cards just in case of a card malfunction or a card being lost. Do they have back up camera equipment just in case of a camera problem?

9, Is the photographer insured? They should have public liability insurance as well as indemnity insurance. Ask what happens if your photographs should be lost due to technical difficulties, fire or theft?

10, Ask to see a wedding photography contract? A contract safeguards the photographer but more importantly you know what you are paying for. Doesn’t offer a contract? Ask Why.

I'm often asked by couples looking for their wedding photographer. "There are so many photographers around and all the pictures look fantastic, I'm so confused, how do I choose the best photographer for my wedding?".

Hopefully, you have some photographers in mind, I'm assuming you like their images and more importantly you like them as a person because they are a major part of your wedding day. With this shortlist of photographers how do you now decide which one to book?

The questions below are there to help you. 

I've given you these 10 questions as a thank you for visiting my wedding site. Please use them and I hope it makes choosing your wedding photographer a little easier!

The questions above are not a definitive set of questions. These are some of the questions 'I' would ask before hiring a wedding photographer. You can look through wedding magazines and do a Google search where you would find many more questions that you might want to ask.


Most of the above questions are answered here but please contact me if you require any further information.

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