20 Frequently asked questions.

I have over 30 years experience as a full time Photographer primary as a Newspaper photographer. I am now a full time wedding photographer photographing approximately 35 weddings per year. I also undertake Public Relations photography for companies down the M4 corridor. I've been photographing weddings for over 20 years.

I will. Stuart Harrison Photography is just me. I don't have any other photographers that work for me. Occasionally, I will ask another photographer to work with me if that is required.

I take a story telling approach to wedding photography. This is sometimes know as Reportage wedding photography. I prefer to capture moments that happen in front of me but I also understand that that you might want some more formal images taken as well. A wedding is always a balance between shots taken in a story telling way peppered with shots that are taken more formally.

I use top of the range Canon equipment. I always use two camera bodies at every wedding just in case I have a camera failure during any wedding. Both cameras record images onto separate cards just in case of a memory card failure during your wedding. All my images are taken in RAW so keeping as much digital information as possible from each picture taken.

You can. this is my preferred way of showcasing my weddings. Every wedding photographer can show their best work from different weddings but you only know the quality when you see a whole wedding from start to finish.

I will ask you to sign a wedding contract before your wedding is booked with me. My Terms & Conditions are there for us both and will give you a timetable of when your wedding images will be ready, albums design times and how long your images will be viewable via your personalised wedding gallery.

I have three photographers that I would contact if I couldn't photograph your wedding due to circumstances beyond my control. If my preferred photographers couldn't photograph your wedding I would send a message out on social media where I'm a member of a number of social media groups that are specifically set up just is case a photographer can't make it to a wedding. This system was shown to work recently when we had heavy snow and there were a number of photographers not able to fulfil the weddings due to the weather. All the wedding were covered by other photographers. I do need to add, I haven't missed any wedding that I was commission to photograph in the 20 years I've been photographing weddings!!

Of course. My top wedding package comes with a pre-wedding shoot already included. It's a great way to see how I work as a photographer and it helps me because I can work out what photographs you like and how uneasy you are in front of the camera. It also helps take away the nerves you might be having about your wedding pictures on the day. You can see more information about my pre-wedding shoots in the wedding pulldown menu.

I don't have a problem with guests taking pictures during your wedding day. It also helps me photograph those little moments where you and your guests can look their most natural. It's a good idea to ask your guests to be mindful that you have a professional photographer taking pictures and not get in the way especial at the start and end of your ceremony There is nothing I do if your guests hold out mobile phones or large iPads when you are walking down the aisle!!

Your edited photographs will be ready no later than 21 days after your wedding ceremony.

All your pictures are backed up onto two separate hard drives and also uploaded to the cloud where they are then edited. When the edited images are ready they are uploaded to another cloud based on-line gallery where you and your guests can download the images to your own computer. Your on-line gallery will stay active for six months. After editing, a copy of all your images including your edited images are then kept just in case you need them in the future. Your edited images will not be given to any third party unless you give permission.

Yes. I am working for you, if you want a particular photograph, just ask. Please be mindful though, if it’s all group shots that you want, you will lose that informal feel that I try and achieve in your final photographs.

I always shoot your wedding photographs in colour. Black and white images are made while edited your wedding images.

All my pictures are edited from the RAW files after your wedding. Occasionally I will retouch a photograph while editing but I will never airbrush your photographs. The photographs are a true representation of what you and your guests looked like on the day of your wedding.

Yes please. Just before your wedding I will send you a picture list form which you fill in with the wedding groups you would like taking. I try and limit the group photography to no more than 45 minutes (around 10 different group combinations) because your guests will become restless and you will want to be with your family and friends. I also ask you to nominate a person who knows the people you would like photographed, so saving us time.

Depending on how many groups shots you require I will try and be no long than an hour which will include pictures of the bride and groom. Please be mindful regarding the amount of time between your wedding ceremony and your wedding breakfast.

I ask for a booking fee of £200 when you book my photography services. The remains wedding balance will be due no later than 30 days before your wedding. I will invoice you each time allowing you 14 days from invoice date to pay the balance due on the invoice.

This will depend on what wedding package you choose and your wedding location. I will advise regarding any extra costs before you decide to book my services.

If you book one of my all day wedding packages, I do. It only needs to be sandwich and a soft drink.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate contact me.